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Argyle Community Church


45,000 SF • 16 ACRES


Argyle Community Church is a recent church plant in the Argyle/Denton area. The pastor and his Leadership Counsel approached Cadre to help them imagine the possibilities of a newly-procured 16-acre site on the south edge of Denton. Due to an existing creek and associated floodplain, roughly 4 acres of the site are virtually undevelopable. Cadre was contracted to provide a Master Plan and Preliminary Design package for the purposes of their capital campaign exercise.

Argyle Community Church has a strong bent toward local community, especially around athletics. The layout of the Master Plan was largely informed by the softball field, general activity fields and pavilion on the north end of the site. Additionally, the Phase I building program includes an indoor athletic facility, striped for multiple events and equipped with bleachers.

The church also desires to partner with an internationally-renowned Christian daycare academy. The academy spaces will function as daycare throughout the week, and child/student classrooms on the weekends. The Phase I Worship Center will accommodate up to 300 guests, with a generously-sized lobby/cafe, group restrooms, and an indoor playground directly adjacent. Phase I parking is anticipated to include around 150 spaces, with a covered drop-off area at the main entry, as well as a covered student pick-up/drop-off area on the east side of the building.

Phase II will include a future Worship Center with a 600-seat capacity, as well as additional adult/student classrooms, administrative suite, kitchen, large conference room, and facilities. The Master Plan also allows for Phase II expansion of the Christian academy.

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