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Launching Cadre Architecture

Launching Cadre Architecture

Cadre Architecture was officially launched in May 2022, by Jake Fuller (CEO) and Will Faber (Principal). Jake is the founder and owner and his friendship with Will spans back to 2014. The two began brainstorming firm names, and the term ‘Cadre’ emerged.

Cadre is the abbreviated form of the Latin term ‘Quadrum’, which means square or more specifically, framework. The shared vision for Cadre is to operate within the framework established by the Creator. The four critical points of the framework are patience, steadfastness, faithfulness, and submission. Cadre intends to exemplify these principles both individually and as a collective group.

Will Faber is the Head architect for Cadre Architecture. He is a registered architect, and holds licenses in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. He spent almost 10 years as a project designer with a large Texas firm before moving back to Colorado to work for a design-build firm – where he met David Stanek. The two worked on several projects together, including two net-zero performing, mixed-use buildings and several multi-family projects. David was the perfect candidate for Cadre’s first hire, as his character aligns with the framework mentioned above. He has already proven to be an effective leader within the family of companies and Cadre is better because of him. Since launching Cadre, Will and David have designed a wide range of building types, from single-family residences to churches. With their combined experience, they are eager to see where this new journey leads them.

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