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Denton Obstetrics & Gynecology


0.8 ACRES • 7,500 SF


Cadre designed the Denton Obstetrics and Gynecology office with the goal of creating a medical clinic that serves and supports the doctors, nurses, patients and accompanying loved ones who will bring life to the building. The architecture is intended to calm and uplift, while facilitating the daily operations of medical providers. Cadre worked closely with the owner and practicing doctor to tailor the floor plan, layout, and interior design to her team’s needs.

The front desk and lobby area mixes modern minimalist gestures with soft finishes and warm wood tones. Glass walls make the space feel open yet secure and subtly separate the more public entry from the patient-care areas.

Custom millwork and cabinetry assemblies throughout the office, from patient exam rooms to employee workstations, meet the specific needs of nurses and doctors to perform patient care in an orderly environment.

Real-time rendering software and 3-D modeling allows an accurate visualization of scale, materials, site conditions, interior conditions from any angle, perspective, and lighting condition.

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