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Colorado Marshall Fire Rebuild


0.15-0.17 ACRES • 3,500-4,500 SF


In December of 2021, just days after Christmas and before the new year, over a thousand families in Boulder County, Colorado fled their homes to escape the rapidly spreading Marshall Fire. Though life was preserved, the fire destroyed nearly 1,000 homes, leaving entire neighborhoods scorched bare. In early 2022, Cadre Architecture partnered with Colorado-based Van Vleet Construction to design and build custom homes for 4 of the effected families.

Beginning with the home-owner’s existing lot, Cadre walked each family through a reiterative design process that progressed from hand-sketches to 3-D models. The resultant designs maintain what the owners loved about their previous homes while fixing shortcomings and persistent issues.

Each site presents unique challenges and opportunities. In response, Cadre balances inherent site restraints with desired features and functionalities to create a well composed and fitting design for each home-owner.

Interior perspective views allow the homeowners to imagine themselves within key spaces, envision furniture layouts and gain a sneak peek into their new home.

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